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MSD Animal Health Aquaculture is a dedicated team, working within the Integrated Livestock Business Unit to drive forward higher standards in farmed salmon and trout welfare and fish health management.

Salmon Farming is a relatively new industry to the UK – approximately 50 years old – and has grown considerably over the last decade, noting an increase in production, year on year.  A diverse range of species are produced including; Atlantic Salmon, Trout, Halibut, Lumpsuckers, Wrasse and Shellfish.

This is why MSD Animal Health Aquaculture is passionate about producing market leading solutions to promote fish health and welfare and eradicate disease among farmed salmon and trout.


The Aquaculture team focus on fish farms predominantly based off the west coast of Scotland, with the farmed salmon industry accounting for more than 98% of the business. They also work collaboratively with the industry on various platforms from veterinary practices to health, farm and management personnel within farming companies, providing biological and pharmaceutical products and technical support for both Atlantic Salmon and Trout species.

  • Atlantic Salmon production dominates the market in Scotland.  In 2014, 179,022 tonnes of Atlantic Salmon was produced in Scotland, an increase of 9.7% from 2013. 
  • Aquaculture provides a net annual revenue of approximately £1.86 billion and employment for some 8,300 people in Scotland.
  • Salmon Farming is the largest employer in fragile coastal communities on the West Coast of Scotland, Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland.
  • Scottish salmon exports hit £500 million for the first time in 2015, reaching 65 countries worldwide - the biggest importers are USA, France & China.
  • Scotland’s salmon farmers adhere to the strictest production standards to produce the highest quality produce and was awarded 'best farmed salmon in the world' by an independent poll of international seafood buyers1, for the second consecutive year.
  • Scottish salmon is the first non-French food to be accredited with Label Rouge2, the prestigious quality mark granted by the French Ministry of Agriculture to products demonstrating superior quality and taste.
  • Farmed salmon production is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Salmon farming also has a very low carbon footprint and low water usage.
  • Salmon farming uses extremely low volumes of antibiotics because of very effective vaccines.
  • The industry has a huge growth potential with Scottish Government targets of 210,000 tonnes of Atlantic Salmon produced by 2020, employment of 10,000 people and a revenue of £2 billion annually.


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