Norvax Compact PD


Norvax Compact PD

One dose (0.1 ml) of the vaccine contains Salmonid alphavirus (SAV) subtype 1, pre-inactivation equivalents of 107.5 - 107.7 TCID5O/dose 63 mg Montanide ISA 763A oil are added as an adjuvant.

Norvax Compact PD is for the active immunisation of Atlantic salmon (of minimum 35 g) to reduce mortality, virus replication, and/or lesions of pancreas disease caused by Salmonid alphavirus (SAV) subtypes 1 and 3.
Onset of immunity is demonstrated from 500 day-degrees following vaccination.
The results of challenge experiments confirmed a duration of immunity of at least 28 weeks.
In field trials a reduction of cumulative PD virus specific mortality was observed over a period of at least 39 weeks.

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Packaging Quantities
500 ml (5000 doses)