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Sheep Wormer Dosing Guide

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Dosage Tables

Vectin 0.08%
Panacur SC 2.5%
Levacur SC 3%

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The right solution for your flock

The correct use of anthelmintics within an integrated and sustainable worming programme is now more important than ever to slow the development of resistance on sheep farms.

Vectin 0.08%

Vectin 0.08% is a broad spectrum sheep wormer containing ivermectin for the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and nasal bots. Vectin 0.08% is designed to complement the already well-established Panacur SC 2.5% and Levacur SC 3% sheep wormers. This means that whatever class of anthelmintic you need for roundworm control, there’s now a wormer in the Intervet range that’s right for your flock.

Correct dosing

When using the dosage tables, it’s worth taking the time to weigh your sheep. Often sheep are under-dosed as a result of their weight being visually estimated. This in turn can encourage resistance to develop. Instead, sheep should be put in to groups containing animals of approximately the same weight and dosed to the heaviest using a correctly calibrated drenching gun. Only by doing so can you be sure of achieving the correct dose.