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Activyl Spot-on solution for dogs and cats

Activyl is a new class of flea treatment, suitable for dogs and cats. Activyl contains the pro-insecticide indoxacarb, which is bioactivated to its highly active form by flea enzymes. This targeted activity minimises unnecessary chemical exposure to pets, their families and environment. Activyl is effective against developing life stages of the flea in the pets’ immediate environment, breaking the flea life cycle. Activyl is also licensed for the treatment of Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD).

Aludex 50 g/l concentrate for cutaneous solutionConcentrate of amitraz 5% for dilution and topical treatment of demodectic and sarcoptic mange in dogs.
Dexadreson. Solution for injection

Can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent in horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats and for the treatment of primary ketosis in cattle. The product can also be used to induce parturition in cattle and as supportive therapy in cases of shock in horses.

DexafortAn aqueous, white suspension for injection containing dexamethasone phenylpropionate in a solution of Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate PhEur. Benzylalcohol 1% v/v is included as a preservative.
Dimazon w/v solution for injectionDimazon solution contains 50 mg of Frusemide (4-chloro-N-furfuryl-5-sulphamoylanthranilic acid) as salt of mono-ethanolamine per ml. It is a slightly yellowish fluid.
Dolorex 10mg/ml Solution for Injection for horse, dog and catsDolerex is an aqueous, colourless solution used for pain relief and sedation in horses and dogs
Foston 20% w/v Solution for InjectionA clear, sterile colourless 20% w/v solution of the sodium salt of Toldimphos. Its content of organically combined phosphorus is 14%. It contains 0.6% w/v Phenylethyl Alcohol USP as the antimicobial preservative.
Haemaccel Infusion Solution (Veterinary)A 3.5% straw-coloured infusion solution for plasma substitution.
Isoba 100% w/w inhalation vapour liquid
Induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia in dogs, cats, horses, ornamental birds including homing pigeons, reptiles, small mammals (rat, mouse, hamster, chinchilla, gerbil, guinea pig, ferret and rabbit).
Nobivac SolventA clear, colourless liquid consisting of sterile phosphate-buffered water presented in single dose vials.
Optimmune 2mg/g Eye Ointment
Cyclosporin is an immunosuppressant with lacrimomimetic and anti-inflammatory properties.
In the dog, Optimmune is indicated for the treatment of chronic recurrent conjunctivitis resulting from auto-immune disease of the eye. Optimmune is indicated for the therapeutic treatment of keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS, `dry eye') and chronic superficial keratitis (`pannus').
Otomax Ear Drops Suspension
For the treatment of acute external otitis in the dog. Also for treatment of short term exacerbation of the acute signs of chronic external otitis of bacterial and fungal origin due to bacteria susceptible to gentamicin, such as Staphylococcus intermedius, and fungi susceptible to clotrimazole, in particular Malassezia pachydermatis.
PosatexPosatex is for the treatment of acute otitis externa and acute exacerbations of recurrent otitis externa, associated with bacteria susceptible to orbifloxacin and fungi susceptible to posaconazole, in particular Malassezia pachydermatis.
Sancerum Ear Cleaner

Sancerum is an effective ear cleaner, suitable for use in dogs and cats.

Scalibor Protectorband 4%

Control of infestations with ticks for 5 to 6 months. Control of blood sucking by phlebotomine sand flies for a period of 5 to 6 months. Anti-feeding effect on adult mosquitoes of the species Culex pipiens for 6 months.

Tryplase CapsulesDark green, hard gelatin capsules containing pancreatic enzymes in powder form. Each capsule contains Pancreatin BP with not less than the following activities: Amylase – 9,000 BP units Lipase – 13,000 BP units Protease – 450 BP units
VasotopVasotop is an ACE inhibitor – a drug used to treat heart failure in dogs. Vasotop works in two ways, to ease the load on the heart and to reverse some of the damage caused by heart failure. The active ingredient in Vasotop is ramipril.
VivitoninVivitonin tablets are orange-yellow film-coated tablets, quarter-scored on one side. Each tablet contains 50 mg of propylxanthine, propentofylline. Vivitonin 100 tablets are orange-yellow, oblong film coated tablets, half-scored on one side. Each tablet contains 100 mg of the propylxanthine, propentofylline.
ZitacZitac contains cimetidine which reduces gastric acidity leading to reduction f vomiting associated with chronic gastritis in dogs.