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Disease? Not On My Farm!  

Reducing the risk of disease in calves

NADIS National Animal Disease Information Service

RUMA (Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture) 


APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) 

AHDB Dairy

AHDB Beef & Lamb

QMS (Quality Meat Scotland)

HCC (Hybu Cig Cymru Meat Promotion Wales)

Information for Veterinary Surgeons

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Control of internal and external parasites is very important to help prevent disease and discomfort from pests such as fluke, flies and roundworms. Routine parasite control helps to maximise production and maintain herd health and welfare.

  • Butox Swish® Pour-on suspension 0.75 % w/v
  • Halocur® 0.5 mg/ml oral solution for calves
  • Levacur SC® 3 % Oral solution
  • Panacur® 10 % Oral Suspension
  • Panacur Bolus® 12 g, Continuous Release Intraruminal Device
  • Zanil® Fluke Drench 34 mg/ml Oral Suspension

Please view the product datasheet for more information about our products or speak to your veterinary surgeon.

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