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MSD Ruminant Research Bursary

Intervet UK Ltd, trading as MSD Animal Health is a company registered under registration no. 946942 with a registered office at Walton Manor, Walton, Milton Keynes, MK7 7AJ

The MSD Ruminant Research Bursary award, now in its sixth year, is designed to encourage and sponsor veterinary surgeons to undertake practical on-farm research related to ruminant disease challenges that significantly impact on the health and profitability of UK livestock.

Each year MSD Animal Health funds up to two Ruminant Research Bursary awards, each with maximum funding of £4,000. Applicants are invited to apply for funding for their field study projects which are then independently assessed for their suitability by academics at a UK university. The successful applicants are guests of MSD at BCVA Congress, where they receive their bursary award.

The results from the projects have been presented as posters at various congresses. Publications have also accepted in leading journals such as the Veterinary Journal and Veterinary Record. In 2016, two bursaries are being presented as oral presentations at World Buiatrics Congress, Dublin.

Below are two quotes from previous bursary winners

“The ruminant research bursary is an excellent scheme that helps retain the science element in the careers of vets in clinical practice. It also helps to bring new ideas and concepts into the ruminant field, which may even lead to significant research breakthroughs.

“As a practitioner I am very supportive of any initiative that helps bridge the gap between academia and the ruminant farm animal marketplace. And it certainly helps reinforce our relationships with cattle farming clients, as well as encouraging the important herd health cycle that is measure, manage and monitor.”

Jonathan Statham MCRVS
Bishopton Veterinary Group, Ripon, North Yorkshire

“The ruminant research bursary provides vets in practice with a fantastic opportunity to undertake practical field study work in to a subject you are passionate about. All-too-often veterinary research tends to focus on the needs of the scientific establishment rather than farmers.

It also gives you an edge with clients. When talking to farmers it’s so much better to be drawing on findings of practical investigations you have done personally. Farmers really do appreciate this applied scientific insight into health issues they are managing on a day-to-day basis.”

Kathryn Hart MRCVS
George Veterinary Group, Malmesbury, Wiltshire