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Trusted to help keep the UK’s dogs healthy

Around 26% of the UK population owns a dog1 and at MSD Animal Health we understand that the nation’s dogs have an important place in our lives and our homes.

We also understand that the estimated 9.3million dogs2 in the UK are individuals with different healthcare needs. That’s why MSD Animal Health is dedicated to offering animal health professionals and dog owners the widest range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management tools.

We have solutions for every life stage whether it is protection against disease through vaccination, with innovative flea and tick control or for conditions including Diabetes mellitus and Dog Dry Eye.

MyPetOnline  MSD Animal Health’s online resource for dog owners and vet practices in the UK is written by veterinary experts providing a resource for expert health and care advice for dogs.

Features include blogs by TV wildlife expert and dog owner Chris Packham, plus everything you need to care for your dog from puppyhood to maturity with articles on caring for your new puppy, advice on the right diet and exercise, flea and tick control, as well as what to do when taking your dog to the vet for the first time. Owners can also check for latest alerts on outbreaks of Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, and Kennel Cough in their area through Disease In My Area alerts and find their nearest vet with VetFinder.

As well as providing advice for pet owners and the veterinary profession in the UK, MSD Animal Health supports organisations such as Mission Rabies in its work to eradicate rabies in dogs overseas.

While MSD Animal Health offers many pet health solutions, prevention is always better than cure and to keep our pets happy and healthy we recommend dog owners take their animals to the vet for a regular health checks and vaccinations. If you have any concerns regarding your dog, always consult a veterinary healthcare professional.


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