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Flies and worms (including roundworms, pin worms and red worms) are common parasites of horses and routine treatment is an important part of husbandry. Please discuss your horses worming schedule with your veterinary surgeon.

  • Coopers Fly Repellent Plus® 1.05 % Cutaneous Emulsion for Horses
  • Panacur® 10 % Oral Suspension
  • Panacur Equine Granules® 22.2 % w/w
  • Panacur Equine Guard® 10 % w/v Oral Suspension
  • Panacur Equine Guard® with Apple and Cinnamon Flavour,
    10 % w/v Oral Suspension
  • Panacur Equine Oral Paste® 18.75 % w/w
  • Pyratape P® Horse Wormer 40% w/w Oral Paste
  • Vectin® Horse Oral Paste 18.7 mg/g

Please view the product datasheet for more information about our products or speak to your veterinary surgeon.

If you are a veterinary surgeon and require more information, please contact us.