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2 December 2014


Inside coccidiosis vaccination at MSD

Interest in coccidiosis vaccination for broilers grows apace. And the MSD Poultry team likes to explain why to integrators and retailers alike.

“We’ve just held the latest customer visit to our UK coccidiosis production plant” says MSD’s Wesley Thorne. “This time on behalf of a major supermarket and its key poultry meat suppliers.”

Presentations from Delair Bolis, Jonathan Perkins, Tibor Cserep and Richard Wood outlined MSD Animal Health's commitment to the global poultry industry, how coccidiosis is controlled around the world using vaccines, support provided to UK customers and how the Paracox range is produced. The overall aim being to expand customers’ understanding of the science behind coccidiosis vaccines.

The visitors toured the site and were impressed with what they saw. “We all learn from these events and the feedback was extremely positive” said Wesley, “The MSD poultry team are all excited about the opportunities to extend our base of Paracox-5 trials in 2015. The field trials allow us to support the customers, ensuring they can maximise the benefits of Paracox-5 whilst giving us insight into the customers’ needs and challenges they are facing.”

If you would like to find out more about what coccidiosis vaccination has to offer broilers please contact MSD Poultry.

Coccidiosis vaccination – a realistic option for broilers?  Part 1, Poultry World June 2014