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16 May 2016

Anti-Inflammatory Pour-On For Cattle Now Licensed For Mastitis*

MILTON KEYNES, UK, May 16, 2016 – FINADYNE® Transdermal from MSD Animal Health (a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA.) can now be used as a single application to reduce pyrexia associated with acute mastitis. This new claim adds to the already proven efficacy to reduce pyrexia associated with bovine respiratory disease.

The innovative technology behind the first and only Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory pour-on for cattle brings enhanced penetration through the skin coupled with rapid absorption into the blood system. The peak plasma concentrations remain higher for longer than those typically observed when using the injectable formulation.

“Uniquely, FINADYNE Transdermal is a pour-on formulation combining rapid efficacy with this novel, needle-free administration route. After applying to the skin it works fast, as quickly as two hours after treatment, and has a short (36 hours) milk withdrawal requirement,” explains Dr. Martin Behr, technical manager at MSD Animal Health.

“This latest license claim gives veterinary surgeons and farmers a new option in the treatment of mastitis. The single pour-on application means less stress for the animal and milk from lactating cows can go back in the tank in just 36 hours. In addition, use of a pour-on NSAID means reduced use of needles and better animal well-being.”

Dr. Behr adds that the time taken by cattle producers to handle and treat animals is reduced more than 60 percent by using a pour-on compared to an injection, which means less stress and restraining.**

FINADYNE Transdermal pour-on is supplied in pre-calibrated packaging and uses a bottle that is designed for easy and accurate application along an animal’s back.

FINADYNE Transdermal has received a POM-V classification. Further information is available from MSD Animal Health.

* for the reduction of pyrexia associated with acute mastitis
** Amrine et al.:
Comparative time, behaviour and economic differences associated with calves receiving a pour-on vs. an intravenous product. EBF 2015, Poster

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FINADYNE® Transdermal contains flunixin meglumine. LEGAL CATEGORY POM-V. To be supplied only on veterinary prescription. For animal treatment only. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
FINADYNE® is a registered trademark of MSD Animal Health. Marketing Authorisation Holder: Intervet UK Ltd., MK7 7AJ.

Further information is available from: MSD Animal Health, Walton Manor, Walton, Milton Keynes MK7 7AJ. Tel: 01908 685685