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The MSD Poultry Team is one of the largest in the poultry healthcare market, and all our team are true poultry specialists.

We are able to offer, via your veterinary surgeon, diagnostic and surveillance services for certain diseases such as X-Ovo as well as laboratory PCR testing for Infectious Bronchitis, E.coli testing, coccidiosis oocyst counts and speciation.

MSD Animal Health will support you and your business with vaccination training, certification, on-farm/hatchery audits and expert advice on vaccination equipment that, in some cases, we are able to supply - we are also able to provide a Gumboro vaccination date prediction tool.

As part of a global organisation, MSD Animal Health are able to access expert knowledge from within the UK team as well as a range of international experts and consultants who can advise on specific poultry health issues.

The MSD Animal Health Poultry Team are always available for our customers with help and advice, in person, onsite or on the end of a phone. We deliver the service that makes all the difference to the efficacy of our products, helping our customers get the results they need for their businesses.

Meet The Team

The five members of MSD's poultry team, dressed for a site visit, in blue coveralls and wellies

Nick Munce

Poultry Business Manager

Nick is a Business graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. Having joined MSD in 2014 and moved to the poultry team in 2016 he brings over 20 years’ experience in animal health starting in the wholesale business before running operations in both the cattle and pig sectors. His passion has always been the integrated livestock industry and he is enjoying the opportunity to put his skills and experience to good use in the vibrant and dynamic poultry business.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys all aspects of living in the countryside, especially his dogs and horses.

The five members of MSD's poultry team, dressed for a site visit, in blue coveralls and wellies

Tibor Cserep

Technical Manager

Tibor qualified as a vet in Hungary and has worked in various sectors of the poultry business for 10 years. He became a Senior Lecturer at the Veterinary University in Budapest, before further graduating in 1990 from The Royal (Dick) Veterinary School, Edinburgh.

Prior to joining MSD Animal Health (then Intervet) in 1996, Tibor became a company veterinary surgeon for a major poultry breeding company. He looked after their program in Scotland and was involved in overseas operations. 

As Technical Manager for the poultry division within MSD Animal Health, Tibor works closely with UK vets and poultry producers giving advice on all aspects of vaccination, monitoring and disease prevention. 

In his private time he likes reading, dancing and has recently started playing golf. 

The five members of MSD's poultry team, dressed for a site visit, in blue coveralls and wellies

Katie Pitman

Technical Services

Katie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2002 and spent 11 years working in general practice in England, Ireland and Wales.

Although Katie enjoyed all aspects of mixed practice it was during this time that she developed an interest in backyard poultry advising the growing number of smallholders and treating their birds.

Outside work Katie enjoys sailing, cycling and antigravity yoga!

The five members of MSD's poultry team, dressed for a site visit, in blue coveralls and wellies

Andy Payne

Trials Assistant

At the age of 10, while keeping bantams, Andy developed a lifelong interest in poultry. He graduated from Wye College with a BSc Hons in Agricultural Business Management before renting and managing an intensive laying farm for 4 years.

He went on to work for Cherry Valley Farms for 4 years, carrying out trials work and latterly looking after the contract growing sites.

Inbetween helping on the family farm and shooting, Andy recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Poultry Science at the Scottish Agricultural College.

The five members of MSD's poultry team, dressed for a site visit, in blue coveralls and wellies

Wesley Thorne

Senior Product Manager

Wesley was born into agriculture, on a traditional mixed family farm in Bedfordshire.

With over 15 years experience in commercial egg production with Deans Foods (now Noble Foods) and Stonegate/Thames valley Foods, he developed a broad experience in feed milling, pullet rearing and egg production from conventional cage, colony, free range and organic production systems.

Since joining the MSD poultry team in early 2014 his passion for all things feathered continues to fly and he enjoys engaging and supporting customers across the poultry industry.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with the family, fishing and occasionally pretends to play golf.