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Maximizing Poultry Health and Performance

MSD Animal Health is the leading provider of poultry vaccines to the GB poultry industry.  We are dedicated to improving and preserving the health, well being and performance of poultry.

Today’s poultry industry demands innovative approaches to emerging diseases. At MSD Animal Health, we strive to offer products and services that make a difference for improved flock performance and profitability.

To best serve our customer needs the GB poultry team focuses on partnering with our customers to prevent disease and conditions within their flocks.

Preventative health care

Our broad vaccine range offers protection against many poultry respiratory diseases and intestinal conditions to help improve the well being and performance.  


Our team provides services designed to help poultry producers in hatcheries and on farms.  These include support, training, flock health monitoring and auditing to veterinarians, farmers and vaccinating teams, to ensure uniform and consistent administration of our vaccines.