Nobivac Pi


Nobivac Pi

Canine parainfluenza virus is a cause of respiratory infection. It can be severe in puppies, geriatric and debilitated dogs. The disease is highly infectious and transmitted readily by aerosols (coughing or sneezing).
Secondary bacterial infections can result in fatal disease. Annual booster vaccination is recommended, particularly for those dogs at high risk (indoor or outdoor socialites, those housed in kennels or boarding establishments, etc).

Nobivac Pi contains canine parainfluenza virus strain Cornell. For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings, see datasheet.

Nobivac Pi may only be prescribed and administered by your veterinary surgeon from whom advice should be sought. Further information is available on request.

Legal Category

Packaging Quantities
Cartons of 10 and 50 single dose vials.
Not all presentations may be marketed.