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Nobivac Rabies

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Owners wishing to take their pets abroad under the Pet Travel Scheme must ensure that they are microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and blood tested to demonstrate sufficient levels of protection.

In order to provide sufficient time to meet the requirements of the PETS travel scheme it is recommended that vaccinations against rabies should be done at least eight months before you travel. Clearance to return to the UK will be granted on the strength of the blood test results.

Nobivac Rabies is an inactivated vaccine containing > 2 I.U. Rabies virus strain Pasteur RIV per dose. Also contains Aluminium phosphate as an adjuvant. 0.1 ml Thiomersal are added as a preservative.

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Packaging Quantities
Cardboard box with 1, 10 or 50 glass type I vials with 1 ml, and carton with 1 vial of type 1 with 10 ml, with a rubber stopper and aluminium cap. Not all presentations may be marketed.