img_zanilZanil is administered as an oral drench and is highly effective against adult flukes (which cause chronic disease) present in the bile duct of the animal. Zanil can be given to both cattle and sheep to control adult fluke at any time of year.

Based on the active ingredient oxyclozanide, which has no known resistance in the UK, Zanil is highly effective against the adult fluke responsible for chronic disease and – significantly for dairy farmers - is licensed for use in young, pregnant and lactating animals, with a 72-hour milk withhold period where milk is produced for human consumption.

Zanil is an oral drench with POM-VPS authorisation, available as a 5 litre presentation for supply by both veterinary practice and animal health supplier. Dosage rate is 3ml per 10kg bodyweight in cattle, up to a maximum of 105ml, and 4.5ml per 10kg bodyweight in sheep, up to a maximum of 20ml.

Legal Category: POM-VPS