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1 December 2016

Horse Health Week Strongly Supported by Equine Vet Practices

Milton Keynes, December 1, 2016 – This year’s Horse Health Week (HHW) proved to be strongly supported and welcomed by a number of equine vet practices who used it to focus on the small things that can make a significant difference to the health of Britain’s horses. Organised by MSD Animal Health Equine through its Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy campaign, vet practices reported high levels of engagement from horse owners through a range of communication platforms – both off and online.

Peter Young, Equine Business Manager adds: “HHW was created to help practices promote their businesses and educate and promote the benefits of preventative healthcare, so we are delighted that we’ve had such a good uptake of the resources we provided this year. A number of equine practices uploaded the daily animations we created to help encourage maximimum engagement. Some also reported the animations and posters being mentioned at yard appointments so, together with equine vet practices, we’ve successfully helped raise awareness and are eduating horse owners.”

This year’s HHW was created to focus on the small things that can be done to help keep Britain’s horses happy and healthy. Equine vets were encouraged to get involved and engage with their clients throughout the week with the support of a toolkit that offered both off and online communication materials. This included a popular social media campaign for practices to run called #BonVoyageBuzz, which showed how each horse is connected to many more horses and may be sharing more than a horse owner realises! The Facebook link to Buzz meant vet practices could get horse owners to send Buzz around the world. By sharing and tagging he reached Denmark, the U.S., Canada and even Saudi Arabia. The final part of HHW was a survey that gave the views of horse owners on preventative healthcare.

MSD Animal Health Equine is currently gathering feedback from practices and welcomes ideas for next year’s HHW. If you would like to provide feedback speak to your MSD Animal Health Equine Account Manager. For further details , go to