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01/12/2016 15:29:00Horse Health Week Strongly Supported by Equine Vet Practices
20/10/2016 15:29:00Vet Practice Support of the Big Tick Project Raises Awareness of Ticks
National coverage inspires vets and pet owners
12/10/2016 15:29:00New 20-dose vial for Bovilis® Ringvac
30/09/2016 15:29:00New educational resource for sheep lameness
06/09/2016 15:29:00Britain remains on high alert for bluetongue
30/08/2016 15:29:00Support Your Practice through Horse Health Week, 26th – 30th September
Focusing on the Small Things that Make a Big Difference
15/08/2016 15:29:00MSD Animal Health and Bristol University Release
Full Results of the BTP in Time for Tick Awareness Month

Stage One of the Big Tick Project Complete
12/08/2016 15:29:00Boost flock productivity with Project L.A.M.B.
22/07/2016 15:29:00Summer vaccinations and the need for CPD in our industry
13/07/2016 15:29:00MSD Animal Health Prepares for the Launch of BRAVECTO® Spot-On for Cats
Spot-On Treatment for Fleas and Ticks Effective For 12 Weeks
13/07/2016 15:29:00The Big Tick Project Lands on the BBC One Show
National coverage for the UK’s Biggest Tick Research Project
25/06/2016 15:29:00Horse Health Week to Run Again in September 2016
Focus on equine preventative healthcare welcomed by vet practices
09/06/2016 15:29:00Blood test any ewes that aborted this year
06/06/2016 15:29:00First Tick Awareness Expert Panel Meets on Tick-Borne Disease in the UK
Rising concerns over current and emerging risks discussed
02/06/2016 15:29:00Bluetongue vaccine available from MSD Animal Health
01/06/2016 15:29:00It’s Here! The Big Tick Project for Cats
Get Collecting and Help Tackle Ticks in Britain
20/05/2016 15:29:00MSD Animal Health and Europharma team up to change future supply chain for trout vaccines
Aquaculture UK
16/05/2016 15:29:00Anti-Inflammatory Pour-On For Cattle Now Licensed For Mastitis*
01/05/2016 15:29:00New KBHH Yard Master
The app and website linking vets and yards through preventative healthcare
26/04/2016 15:29:00Bravecto Declares 12 as the Magic Number!
12/04/2016 15:29:00MSD Animal Health Sets Practices the BravoVet 12 Week Challenge
30/03/2016 15:29:00Experts behind Britain’s largest-ever study of tick-borne illness in dogs warn vigilance is needed against threat from new diseases such as canine babesiosis
20/03/2016 15:29:00Tick Awareness Month Planned for May 2017
11/03/2016 15:29:00Unpredictable nature of lungworm infections makes vaccination important
08/03/2016 15:29:00UK Lyme disease rise highlights role for vets in awareness campaign
Big Tick Project team says study will have implications for human and animal health
26/01/2016 11:53:39Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy campaign 2016 Aims for a Tetanus Jab for each of Britain’s Horses