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Chameleon: Changing your practice

To access Chameleon, please click here. Chameleon is a marketing communication services portal for MSD Animal Health customers. Veterinary and animal health retailers can use the service to design and implement direct marketing campaigns with their clients and personalise MSD Animal Health marketing materials. For more information on the service, please contact your MSD Animal Health Account Manager.

Protection for Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits should be vaccinated routinely against both rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) and myxomatosis. Both these viral diseases are widespread and endemic in wild rabbits in the United Kingdom and are likely to prove fatal in unprotected rabbits if they are exposed. There is no effective treatment for either disease . RHD is spread by direct contact between rabbits but also via indirect contact from contaminated environments and also via mechanical transfer from insects . Myxomatosis is commonly spread by fleas and other biting insects and but can also be transmitted by direct contact with other infected rabbits. Vaccination against both diseases can now be achieved with a single inoculation with an annual booster to maintain immunity. The vaccine can be given from 5 weeks of age. For more information on vaccinating your rabbits, please contact your veterinary practice.

A trusted source for comprehensive animal health

MSD Animal Health offers veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and governments the widest range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services. MSD Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals. It invests extensively in dynamic and comprehensive R&D resources and a modern, global supply chain. MSD Animal Health is present in more than 50 countries, while its products are available in some 150 markets.


Winter is the time when respiratory disease can really cost in terms of lost performance and higher medication costs in pigs. A number of viruses and bacteria interact to result in Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC). The effects of these viruses and bacteria are compounded by poor ventilation and environmental control. ResPig® uses a combination of a farm production audit, diagnostics and economic modelling to enable the producer and his vet to choose the most appropriate vaccination regime for his particular unit. MSD Animal Health produce the widest range of pig respiratory vaccines including the UK's market leading EP vaccine M+PAC and Porcilis PRRS. ResPig® is unique to MSD Animal Health. For further information please follow the link.

Norvax Compact PD

MSD Animal Health launched Norvax Compact PD in the UK in 2009. Many millions of salmon have now been vaccinated against Pancreas Disease, which affects cardiac and skeletal muscle as well as the pancreas. The growth of infected fish is seriously stunted and in some circumstances there is significant mortality. The peak incidence of disease in the UK is Spring and Autumn. Fish are often vaccinated in the winter months before transfer from fresh water to sea water.


Are you using your MSD vaccine sheep correctly? Do you want to know more about sheep fertility? MSD Animal Health is delighted to announce that it has produced a series of Sheep Masterclass Videos, featuring sheep expert Kate Hovers BVSc Cert SHP MRCVS demonstrating the best way to get the most out of your MSD Animal Health vaccines and fertility products. Click here to go to choose your Masterclass Video.

MSD Animal Health

Managing diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats

Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disease of dogs and cats. Diabetes is caused by a relative or absolute deficiency of insulin. This web site provides in-depth knowledge on the disease, and serves as a reference for Caninsulin®, MSD Animal Health's veterinary insulin. Click here for more details.


The flukicide drench ZANIL® has been re-introduced into Great Britain as a treatment against chronic liver fluke in cattle and sheep. Based on the active ingredient Oxyclozanide, Zanil is highly effective against the adult fluke responsible for chronic disease and significantly for dairy farmers is licensed for use in young, pregnant and lactating animals, with a 72-hour milk withhold period where milk is produced for human consumption. Click here for further details

Cattle vaccination made easy

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) are two important infectious diseases affecting the health and welfare of UK cattle farms. Since vaccination against these diseases often takes place at a busy time in the farming calendar, MSD Animal Health has recently gained approval to mix Bovilis® BVD and Bovilis® IBR Marker Live to enable control of these two diseases in a single injection. Click here for more details.

Stamp Out Lameness Guide

A new analysis of the direct costs of footrot in sheep by FAI Farms based in Oxford shows that treatment and labour inputs alone are as much as £8.38/ewe. The headline treatment and labour costs are significant enough, but these do not include the knock-on financial penalties caused by this painful condition. To minimise the costs of lameness and its adverse effect on animal welfare, FAI Farms, with the support of MSD Animal Health is now two years into a three-year programme assessing the effectiveness of a new footrot control protocol. Click here to read more