Delivering innovative solutions for productive health

MSD Animal Health is the leading provider of poultry vaccines and parasite control products to the GB poultry industry1. We are dedicated to improving and preserving the health, well-being and performance of poultry.

Today’s poultry industry demands innovative approaches to emerging diseases. At MSD Animal Health, we strive to offer products and services that make a difference for improved flock performance and profitability.

To best serve our customer needs the GB poultry team focuses on partnering with our customers to prevent disease and minimise production losses within their flocks. 

Preventative health care

Infectious diseases of poultry include viral e.g. Marek’s disease, Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro disease) bacterial e.g. colibacillosis, and parasitic diseases e.g. coccidiosis. Vaccination can help to protect poultry flocks from these diseases. Other factors such as husbandry and housing can also affect development and spread of infectious disease.

Our broad vaccine range offers protection against many respiratory diseases and intestinal conditions to help improve the well-being and performance.

Parasite control

Our enriched portfolio provides innovative solutions for red mite and worm infestations including the economically significant nematode parasites such as Ascaridia galliHeterakis gallinarum and Capillaria spp.


Our team provides services to help poultry producers both in hatcheries and on farms. The service includes support, training, flock health monitoring and auditing, to ensure uniform and consistent administration of our vaccines and parasite control products. When special laboratory tests are needed, our Service Lab in Boxmeer is available for serology, virus isolation or molecular diagnostic tests.

Animal medicines should always be used responsibly. For more information on responsible use please visit the NOAH pages on this topic.

Further information for farmers can be found here.


1 CEESA data – Q3 2022