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14 June 2017

New Research Shows Bravecto’s® 12 Week* Flea and Tick Treatment Improves Compliance
Pet Owners Choose 12 Week Over Monthly Dosing

Milton Keynes, June 14, 2017 – New research by MSD Animal Health (a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA) has shown that the convenience of Bravecto’s® 12 week* flea and tick killing treatment improves compliance over monthly alternatives1. The CORE Research Study involving 537 pet owners who currently give Bravecto® to their dog revealed the primary attribute of Bravecto® for pet owners was overwhelmingly convenience (73%). Other attributes included the 12 week dosing favoured by 67%, palatability favoured by 51%, and speed of kill for fleas and ticks favoured by 50%. As a result, 87% of pet owners felt that dosing Bravecto® was more convenient than dosing with monthly products and 73% therefore thought they were more likely to give Bravecto® on time compared to dosing monthly flea and tick products. Overall, 96.5% of owners were either very satisfied or satisfied with Bravecto®.

Amanda Melvin, Marketing Manager at MSD Animal Health comments: “Improving compliance rates is the holy grail of the veterinary industry, but getting pet owners to regularly protect their pets against parasites is extremely difficult. People lead busy lives and while they don’t intend to forget, our research reveals that the more frequently they are required to dose their pet the more likely they are to fail. 12 week dosing as an alternative to monthly is therefore considered a convenient bonus and their preferred choice. It means less hassle and stress for the pet and owner and if this helps improve compliance rates then it’s of benefit to the practice as well.”

Of the dog owners interviewed 90% of the dogs socialised, with 43% swimming and 80% having access to woods and high or uncut grass where ticks can be prevelant. The convenient administration of a chew and its speed of kill was therefore perceived as important to these owners. It meant their dogs could continue to socialise, play and swim without reducing efficiency or contaminating the water. Bravecto’s® 12 week dosing was therefore preferred over re-dosing monthly products as they believed dogs were less likely to get fleas or ticks and the owner was less likely to forget a dose.

Note to Editors

BRAVECTO®. Active ingredient: fluralaner. POM-V. Use medicines responsibly.

Further information is available from MSD Animal Health, Walton Manor, Walton, Milton Keynes MK7 7AJ.

*12 week immediate and persistent tick-killing activity against Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor reticulatus and D. variabilis and 8-week immediate and persistent killing activity against Rhipicephalus sanguineus.>

1 MSD Animal Health CORE Research Internal Study. Pet Owner Treatment Satisfaction and Medication Adherence to Bravecto® when prescribed to over pet owners in the UK. Dec 2016. The Study involved 25 veterinary clinics and 35 vets, across six regions, with the views of 537 pet owners.