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Antibiotics are used to help treat many different bacterial diseases of pigs, and can be given as injections, in the feed or as a spray. Please contact your veterinary surgeon if you are concerned with the health or welfare of any animal under your care.

Use Medicines Responsibly. For more information please refer to the Responsible Use sections of the NOAH website.

When used correctly, antibiotics have an important role in improving health and welfare of pigs. However, there are concerns that resistance or resistant bacteria could be transferred from animal to human health, and vice versa, and reduce the effectiveness of some antibiotic treatments. It is vital that antibiotics are used in the correct and appropriate manner to minimise this possibility.

MSD Animal Health supports the responsible use of antibiotics. Visit www.noah.co.uk/responsible and Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) for more information and to download RUMA Guidelines for Responsible use of antimicrobials in pig production. Many farm assurance schemes also produce similar guidelines to support best practice.

  • Amfipen LA® 100 mg/ml Suspension for injection
  • Amoxypen® Injection 150 mg/ml Suspension for injection
  • Amoxypen LA® 150 mg/ml Suspension for injection
  • Depocillin® 300 mg/ml Suspension for injection
  • Engemycin® 10 % (DD) Solution for injection
  • Engemycin® 10 % Farm Pack Solution for injection
  • Engemycin LA® 200 mg/ml Solution for injection
  • Engemycin Spray® 25 mg/ml cutaneous spray, suspension for
    cattle, sheep and pigs
  • Neopen® Suspension for injection
  • Nuflor® 40 mg/g Premix for Medicated Feeding Stuff for Swine

Please view the product datasheet for more information about our products or speak to your veterinary surgeon.

If you are a veterinary surgeon and require more information, please contact us.