Well-Tolerated Treatment in Dogs1

A single dose of MOMETAMAX ULTRA™ was effective and well-tolerated in client-owned dogs with acute otitis externa or acute flare-ups of recurrent otitis externa.

Reversible, minimal to mild atrophy of the epidermis of external ear canal or epithelial lining of tympanum in dogs administered the recommended treatment dose three times at 2-week intervals.

No treatment-related adverse reactions were observed in clinical trials.

Baseline and ACTH-stimulated cortisol concentrations in dogs administered the recommended treatment dose, three times at 2-week intervals, were not significantly different from placebo-treated dogs.

Cortisol increased in all groups (1x, 3x and 5x) in response to ACTH stimulation after cessation of treatment, indicating sufficient adrenal function as well as reversible effects even at higher doses.

Simple Administration Steps1

The 0.8 ml dose enters by gravity flow and coats the external ear canal and vertical ear canal.
No need to insert a syringe into the ear canal.

  1. Clean and dry the dog’s ears
  2. Shake the product well before use
  3. Draw the 0.8-ml dose into the syringe
  4. Place the tip of the syringe at the entrance of external ear and administer
  5. Massage the ear gently after application


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Reference 1: Mometamax Ultra Summary of Product Characteristics – VMD Link

Mometamax Ultra™ is a single dose application product that contains gentamicin (as sulfate), posaconazole and mometasone furoate (as monohydrate). POM-V.
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