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5 September 2017

New Claim for BVD Vaccination

UK, Milton Keynes, September 5, 2017 – MSD Animal Health (a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA.) announces positive changes to the registered product claim for Bovilis® BVD.

The new claim sees the Bovilis® BVD vaccine for cattle now providing a duration of immunity of 12 months.

As a disease of huge significance to the UK cattle industry, Andrew Montgomery, veterinary adviser for MSD Animal Health, says this is a very positive outcome for the industry.

“It is estimated that 90% of UK herds have been exposed to bovine viral diarrhoea1 (BVD), costing the UK cattle industry up to £61 million each year2.

“The fundamental principle of control, is to identify and remove persistently infected (PI) animals from a herd, and stop PIs being created using a trusted and proven vaccine,” says Mr Montgomery.

He explains that the new SPC (summary of product characteristics) for Bovilis® BVD states that following primary immunisation, consisting of two vaccinations given 4 weeks apart to cattle over the age of 8 months, and a further vaccination 6 months after this, revaccinations can be given at up to 12 month intervals.

“Providing primary immunisation has been finalised 4 weeks before the start of gestation, Bovilis® BVD is licensed to protect the foetus against transplacental infection, preventing the creation of a PI calf which is hugely significant for BVD control.

“The convenience of being able to vaccinate on a herd level without having to assess pregnant animals on a case-by-case basis provides the flexibility to tailor vaccination schedules to the farm system, which for many vets and farmers comes as a convenient solution,” he says.

Mr Montgomery adds, Bovilis® BVD also has the advantage of not interfering with antigen ELISA or PCR testing and can be jointly administered with other routine vaccines. “For example, Bovilis® BVD can be mixed and administered with Bovilis® IBR Marker Live when given as a booster dose to cattle from 15 months of age, or can be administered on the same day as Leptavoid®-H in cattle from 8 months of age.”

For further information, please refer to the product data sheets at and SPCs and/ or speak to your local MSD Animal Health area manager.