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The MSD Animal Health Research Bursary has been launched to encourage and help facilitate veterinary research undertaken by veterinary students and veterinary surgeons.

The existing MSD Animal Health Connect Bursary and Ruminant Research Bursary have been combined into the MSD Animal Health Research Bursary, which is designed to support the future of the veterinary profession through research. The existing bursaries are well known amongst students and veterinary surgeons, having run for over 25 years for the student research bursary and six years for the Ruminant Research Bursary. To increase our support for veterinary research we have decided to combine our bursaries and add a research bursary for companion animal veterinary surgeons, as well as a new research bursary for student and qualified veterinary nurses. This way we can offer a broader level of support for both companion animal and ruminant veterinary professionals and our veterinary surgeons and nurses of the future.

Student Bursary Winner 2015 Cam Collins

The MSD Animal Health Research Bursary for veterinary students will award £1,000 to the five best research project applications received from veterinary students across all UK veterinary schools.
The MSD Animal Health Research Bursary for student/qualified veterinary nurses will award £1,000 to the best research project application received.
Veterinary students and student/qualified veterinary nurses will have the opportunity for an additional £1,000 top prize and £500 runner up prize when they present their research at the annual MSD Animal Health Research Bursary Awards day.

The MSD Animal Health Research Bursary for veterinary surgeons will offer three awards, consisting of two ruminant awards and one companion animal award, of up to £4,000 each. The veterinary surgeon research proposals will be judged by an independent University assessor to ensure a fair and unbiased selection process.

For further information please see the dedicated webpage for each bursary.